Focus Groups on Independence

I am currently researching the contribution of Practical Theology to Scottish public life. This is in response to a request from one of the editors of the International Journal of Practical Theology which typically carries an 8,000 word report on a region or country in each volume. The editor has asked me to give special attention to the role that Practical Theology has played in discussions that anticipate the referendum being held later this year.

As part of this project I have been convening a few small focus groups in different parts of the country with one scheduled to take place in Eaglesham (near East Kilbride) on Saturday 28th June 2014, and a different group in Oban on Saturday 5th July 2014. Both events commence at 10.30am, concluding at 4.30pm. A few spaces remain for more participants. [Update 2nd July 2014 – no more spaces available.]

I want to emphasise that the research is not directed towards a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response in the ballot booth but to exploring how personal decisions about which way to vote might be reached. It is not a campaign or hustings event but a facilitated group conversation.

The focus groups will be ecumenical but, in order to ensure good conversation, need to be rather small. Also, the groups only work if participants are able to be present for the whole time.

If you are interested and available to participate I have more detailed information about the process and will gladly forward that to you. Simply email me at

[Update 2nd July 2014 – there will be an opportunity to discuss, via this blog, some of the observations made by the focus groups. Please check back from Monday 4th August when a series of short posts will be appear.] 

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