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Religious Ethics and 21st Century Surveillance – Workshop Three

As part of this third workshop the Network organised a public panel discussion at Crown Court Church, London on 20 November 2017.

The panellists were Rabbi Mark Solomon and Dr Susanne Wigorts Yngevesson (pictured). (Unfortunately, a third panellist who was to have talked on Islamic perspectives was unable to attend.)  The panellists addressed the question: What can the Abrahamic faiths contribute to evaluating surveillance in everyday life and in exceptional circumstances?

The panel’s comments and an edited selection of the audience’s comments and questions is available here:

Questions for further discussion:

You might find the following questions helpful as a way of thinking further – on your own or with a group.

Rabbi Solomon talks about the strong community dimensions to avoiding over-looking one another’s homes in Jewish legal traditions. What challenges does this pose to our practices of surveillance in 21st century urban environments? What challenges does this pose in more rural contexts?