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Surveillance & Christian Faith Project

Surveillance is an everyday experience for most of us, in one way or another. When I say this to people they generally look quizzically at me – especially if they already know that I research and write about how we practice Christian faith.

It’s not obvious that our Christian beliefs have something to say about surveillance today. Even less clear is how our personal experiences of surveillance might help us think more effectively as Christians about this feature of daily life.

This project aims to involve people of Christian faith in interpreting and responding to a culture of surveillance. Using a form of action research I will engage with a few different Christian groups in various parts of the UK. Through focus groups and individual interviews I hope to build a picture that will help contribute to wider understanding and responses to surveillance strategies.

I want the participants in the focus groups to also be involved in reflecting upon the research findings. This collaborative practical theology has great potential for appreciating and challenging ways of Christian thinking and acting – from the inside outwards rather than from just the input of a professional researcher.

The project is being developed at the moment so, dependant upon funding, I can work with a number of congregations and para-church organisations. I am more than happy to have preliminary, private conversation with anyone who thinks their community might be interested in exploring surveillance and Christian faith with me. Email