“Too much information…”

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker apps allow me share my diligence over New Year’s Resolutions with the world. The capacity to disseminate my progress via Facebook and Twitter is integrated as optional features.

Should I choose to inflate cyberspace with updates you could learn my goals and know when my resolve breaks.

Of course, unless we meet face-to-face how will you know whether or not I really have achieved and maintained my svelte appearance? Perhaps I have run 5km before breakfast – but then again…?

I caught, the other night, an episode of the BBC’s Dad’s Army that, to my surprise, I’d never seen before. Capt. Mainwaring is intent on successfully bidding for one of the three oranges that Hodges is auctioning at the bazaar in aid of charity for the troops. Being tipped off in advance of Mainwaring’s interest, Hodges tries to ‘not notice’ his archenemy’s bidding signals for the first fuit. Private Pike is told by his ‘uncle’, Sgt. Wilson, to bid for the second orange to secure it for the Captain.

Unable to see Pike, who is behind him, Mainwaring enters a bidding war – ostensibly with himself. The bids climb until Pike withdraws and Mainwaring is left paying 10 shillings for a single orange.

Self-surveilllance is a tricky business especially if you are competitive. Your Facebook friend who is setting the bar high with dieting, cycling or running may be spurring you on – but then again…he might be pulling your leg.

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