CfP Surveillance & Religion Panel, EuARe Bologna, March 2019

Call for Papers, open now until 31 October 2018

European Academy of Religion, 4-7 March 2019


Religious communities are targets, as well as consumers, of surveillance. Religious practice as a site of surveillance and religious identity as a justification for a surveillance gaze is an emerging field of interest. State interest in monitoring faith groups has a lengthy history with particular strategies and consequences deployed in different periods and contexts. Watching-over co-religionists may be a significant duty of care expected of designated officeholders or looking out for the needs of fellow believers may be located in small, voluntary groups. Systems of support and formation, including disciplinary dimensions, are often integral to religious practice and the consequences of such surveillance warrant social scientific, philosophical and theological consideration. This panel aims to address some of these many dimensions, across a range of geographical contexts and faith traditions.

Language: English

Speakers already selected: Susanne Wigorts Yngvesson (Stockholm School of Theology); James Morris (University of St Andrews)

Disciplines involved: Religious Studies, Anthropology, Criminology, Theology

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