Othering: An Ireland-Scotland Practical Theology Conference

27 September 2021 (online) 2pm-8pm

Call for Presentations and Invitation to Register

Othering occurs when some individuals or groups are labelled as not meeting the norms of a social group. We engage in othering people and we ourselves can be othered.

Othering is a practice with respect to multiple, and sometimes intersecting, areas of life. It can happen around, for example, national, political and community identities, ethnicity, gender, abilities, health or sexuality. People can be othered within practices of mission, advocacy, community development or other dimensions of a faith community’s action.

With its careful reflection upon human experience and practice, practical or pastoral theology is well placed to disclose, critique, and recommend responses.

This one-day, online conference is an opportunity for practitioners and academics to discuss a wide range of perspectives on othering and being othered. We invite presentations in a variety of formats. The visual and written arts as well as academic papers and autoethnographic reflections are welcome.

Participants are also welcome to attend and engage with the presentations without having to make one themselves. Opportunities to discuss the various contributions will be offered during the day. We have settled on an afternoon and evening conference in order to widen access to as many people as possible.

To give a presentation: please send a short (maximum 150 words) description or abstract of your proposed presentation to either of the contact addresses, below, and not later than 1 July 2021. Applicants to present will be informed by the end of July 2021.

Artistic presentations (e.g., poetry, video) should last no longer than 8 minutes. Academic papers should be submitted for advance distribution to all conference participants so that a short presentation of 10 minutes can be made followed by 20 minutes of discussion (deadline for full papers of maximum 4,000 words, is 10 September 2021). Autoethnographic reflections on practice should last no longer than 10 minutes, to be followed by 20 minutes of discussion.

To attend the conference without presenting, please register by 10 September 2021 by emailing one of the contact addresses, below, giving your name and context of practice/affiliation. 

This conference is organised by practical theologians in Scotland and the island of Ireland.

The presentation proposals and abstracts will be reviewed by
Esther Elliott (Scotland), Daniel Nuzum (Ireland), Oonagh O’Brien (Ireland), and Eric Stoddart (Scotland).

The conference is supported by BIAPT (the British & Irish Association for Practical Theology).

Contact details

To submit a presentation description/abstract or to register please email either:
Eric Stoddart (es61@standrews.ac.uk) or Oonagh O’Brien (ceo@mountstannes.com).